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I am an everyday theologian working as a writer and novelist, garden designer, and emotional wellness coach on the north coast of Oregon. After completing an MA in theology then a PhD from the University of St. Andrews in 2000, I continued to pursue my studies—energetically self-educating in areas of theology, spirituality, and the emotional life.

After the election of our 45th President to high office, I like many felt the gravity of it. Here was a man whose values—demonstrated so shamelessly and graphically throughout his campaign—I intensely oppose: greed, domination, militarism, planet-plundering, bullying, white nationalism, and intellectual laziness, to name a few. A surge of resistance rose up in me that sought expression. For a writer and theologian, that means writing. It means reflecting theologically from my tradition, that of progressive Christianity. In this blog, I do that. What am I resisting as I do “theology of resistance”? I am resisting the normalization, the creeping acceptance, of values antithetical to life, love, and the wholeness of people and planet. As a theologian and writer, I refuse to cooperate or keep silent as these values are ensconced in the White House. The United States are full of peaceful, resisting, non-cooperative individuals,  and together we are a mighty chorus sounding a refusal.

Because this website is a place to resist, I will also resist by deleting hateful, demeaning comments as I am able. This is not a venue to tear people down. Those who wish to engage in constructive debate about the ideas on these pages can join discussions happening on the Facebook page “Theology of Resistance.”

In my writing, I am inspired by the “theology of resistance” of people like Martin Luther King, Jr. (whose writings usually began as sermons), Joan Chittister, Walter Wink, Lisa Sharon Harper, Richard Rohr, Abraham Joshua Heschel, and many others.